Our initiative
for a more sustainable future.

We take responsibility – for our customers, our employees, our products and our planet. For a more sustainable future.

Having this goal in mind, we launched our We Care Together initiative standing for transparent and credible sustainability at P&C, ANSON’S and MAGASIN DU NORD. 

That is exactly why we want to be measured in the form of tangible results. Across the three fields of action People & Company, Product & Customer and Planet & Climate, we are dedicated to openly taking steps towards a better tomorrow. Because We Care Together.

People & Company
We care about each other.

The path to a more sustainable future can only be taken together. In the People & Company field of action, we face up to our corporate responsibility to make the right decisions – not just on environmental and economic levels, but on a social level, too.

Product & Customer
We care about quality.

High-quality products mark a major step towards longevity and thus sustainability. In the Product & Customer field of action, we transparently face up to our responsibility towards our customers.

Planet & Climate
We care about our future.

Our vision of a better future begins with awareness of the habitat we impact with our actions. In the Planet & Climate field of action, we face up to our responsibility towards our planet.

Peek & Cloppenburg*
Conscious Fashion Store Berlin

We are aware that the question of sustainability still poses major challenges for the fashion industry. Driven by our desire to be a bit better every day, we have opened the P&C* Conscious Fashion Store as a major next step on our sustainability journey. We want to use this store to create an awareness of more sustainable fashion and have a positive impact on the sector, in collaboration with our suppliers, customers and our current and future partners.